Welcome Parents & Community Stakeholders

Full Service Community School No.5 Medical Fair

Our Full Service Community School No.5 Medical Fair that was held on the 30th. Thanks to your support over 250 people were served with needed medical services. I can’t tell you enough how great it is that our department was able to do this.

We are the game changers in the community. We are the ones that are healing the sick in both mind and body. From helping parents learn how to read, to getting the parent the social and emotional support they need, we make change happen.


YES Academy Hosts Brenda Blackmon and Azuka Author

brendablkOn Friday March 3rd the PTO of YES academy hosted Brenda Blackmon, well known News personality and Author Azuka Zuke Obi an author and motivational speaker.  Mr. Azuka gave a powerful account of his life growing up in Nigeria and how he overcame many obstacles through the power of his inner-self. He encouraged all to go after their dreams and goals with determination and hard work. Azuka also talked about his new book The 9 Power Principles for Change.

Brenda Blackmon shared with the audience her new book ‘A Mom’s Story ‘ and her commitment to raising funds for the Lupus foundation. Ms. Blackmon told the audience how Lupus has touched her own family; her daughter being diagnosed while in  college. Both authors were inspirational and promised to come back and talk with our parents again. Jean Silver is the Parent Liaison at Yes Academy.